Gold Plated AK47 – Assault Rifle

by Pure Gold Plating on 26 December 2009

The AK-47 (or Avtomat Kalashnikova) was designed and developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union and is the world’s most popular assault rifle. The gas operated 7.62mm assault rifle was first developed in the early 1940s and AK-47 stands for Kalashnikov automatic rifle, model of 1947. Mikhail Kalashnikov began his career as an arms designer while in a hospital after he was shot in the shoulder... Continue Reading »

What is Gold Plating?

by Pure Gold Plating on 20 November 2009
What is Gold Plating

Gold plating is the process of, by method of electroplating, adding a layer of gold to another metal in order to give the underlying metal the appearance of gold. Most often, the layer of gold is very thin, just enough to cover all exposed surfaces of the underlying metal. Gold plating is commonly used in jewellery plating and in the electronics industry. Gold plating of jewellery is common because... Continue Reading »

Gold Plated iPods – The Midas Touch for Music

by Pure Gold Plating on 7 November 2009
Gold Plated iPod

Gold Plated iPods, while not yet commonly found, already denote a certain status symbol. Popular with celebrities such as David Beckham, the gold plated iPod is now a highly coveted look for the world’s ultimate mp3 player. Up until now, the standard stainless steel backing on the larger versions of the iPod was the only colour option. Apple, the company that produces the iPod, offers engraving... Continue Reading »

Polishing – Giving Metal a Facelift

by Stephen P on 6 November 2009

Polishing has many uses. It can be used to restore a certain look and finish to an older metallic item as well as prepare metal to undergo further processing, such as electroplating. It has both a functional and aesthetic use, oftentimes, improving function through improving the aesthetic. Polishing is employed for many items such as car and motorcycle parts, kitchenware, bath and shower fittings... Continue Reading »

Electroplating – A Brush Plating Overview

by Practical Plating on 2 November 2009

Many of us have cheap jewellery which has a fine coating of precious metal over a cheaper base metal, such as copper or brass. This fine outer coating is the result of electroplating. Basically, electroplating is an electrochemical reaction used to deposit a thin metal coating onto an electrically conductive object. As well as its use for producing cheap jewellery, electroplating has been used in... Continue Reading »

White Bronze – What’s That?

by Pure Gold Plating on 30 October 2009
White Bronze

White bronze is actually not bronze. It is an alloy consisting of a combination of copper, tin, and zinc and is also known as ‘Miralloy’. Due to nickel now being banned for jewellery use in the EU white bronze is considered the preferred, practical and safe alternative to nickel for items that can come into contact with the skin such as jewellery, buttons and zips, to name a few. Staggeringly,... Continue Reading »

Antique Restoration – Silver Flatware

by Pure Gold Plating on 28 October 2009

Antique restoration is a skill that requires great attention to detail and respect for the item being worked upon. Silverware ranging from antique hollowware, including cups, bowls, and the like and flatware such as trays, plates and dishes are all ideal candidates for restoration. Due to their age, antiques are often fragile and require a delicate hand. However, just as important, is the attention... Continue Reading »

Gold Plated PS3 – The Ultimate Gaming Experience

by Pure Gold Plating on 25 October 2009

Produced by Sony, PlayStation 3 is more than a video games console and is well suited for online gaming and the ability to play Blu-ray high-definition movies. More commonly referred to as PS3, PlayStation 3 is a strong competitor of both the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo Wii. One of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today, the PS3 is a super slick games console offering plenty of hard... Continue Reading »

Goldfinger – The Man with the Golden Gun

by FatBobsPaintball on 24 October 2009

Paintball enthusiasts now have a way to put a new spin on an old favourite. Gold plated paintball guns, also known as markers, have shown up sporadically in various venues over the past years. Not yet infiltrating the mainstream, gold plating your paintball gun is a great way to show off your marker in style. In a sea of factory produced guns, gold plating an old standby is the perfect way to stand... Continue Reading »

Gold Plating Stainless Steel

by Practical Plating on 4 October 2009
Gold Plating Stainless Steel

This video demonstration shows you how to gold plate stainless steel. In this example we are gold plating a knife. This process can be used to gold electroplate practically anything made from stainless steel and is a good example of how the electroplating process can be applied to everyday objects around the home.  Read More →

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